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Jianhu county of jiangsu province to create a national petroleum machinery products quality inspection service platform

2016/11/1 18:54:13      Click:

Free testing support product research and development
Jianhu county of jiangsu province to create a national petroleum machinery products quality inspection service platform
Recently, the national petroleum machinery products quality inspection center (jiangsu, raise) for jiangsu alpine machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Production of caterpillar track section of mechanical drawing, material impact, rockwell hardness, non-metallic inclusion, microstructure, grain size, the depth of carburizing layer, spectrum, such as carbon and sulfur free test, found that enterprise outsourcing processing due to improper heat treatment technology, directly or indirectly led to the decrease of the rough grain size and material mechanics performance and durability problems such as production, and put forward the improvement plan.The company yao-hua hu chief engineer, said: "if this is found in customer usage problems, will the enterprise brand hit off, thanks to petroleum machinery to carry out free testing for our product quality inspection center, and provide accurate testing data."
In order to better serve the development of characteristic industry, jianhu county, jiangsu province market supervision and administration in accordance with the "high starting point positioning, high grade design, high quality construction", invested nearly 200 million yuan to build petroleum equipment industry public services platform, the construction of national petroleum machinery products quality supervision, inspection and testing center (jiangsu), set up mechanical product testing, nondestructive testing, material testing, chemical testing and other four major measure, trial run according to the requirements of CNAS.Last well well control product test apparatus (SJ03) by det norske veritas (DNV), further enhance the examination ability, has carried out a series of testing free of charge.For jiangsu hong dafoe company to carry out the casing head PR2 of metal sealing test equipment, high and low temperature test for the enterprise to provide accurate testing data for reasonable analysis;For yancheng jia xin petrochemical co., LTD., and other enterprises makes the well bottom flange products such as hydrostatic pressure test, the material spectrum analysis and hardness test, to provide accurate testing data;Of yancheng xin petrochemical company, peng sheng machinery company, and other enterprises to carry out the material hardness test, metallographic, spectrum analysis, and the good product quality strictly.
Since commissioning in June 2015, the center of jiangsu lianyuan casting machinery co., LTD., with China, yancheng ohlsson petroleum machinery co., LTD., shanghaiyijia machinery co., LTD., Yu ocean petroleum machinery co., LTD., HuaSheng machinery manufacturing co., LTD., double xin petroleum machinery co., LTD., Jin Longda machinery manufacturing co., LTD., such as more than 20 enterprises, 50 a number of products, 110 batches of samples, the material mechanical properties test, chemical composition analysis, metallographic analysis, nondestructive testing and well control products pressure cycle test, high and low temperature cycle test, etc., to provide testing equipment for oil industry.
The center also further reveal carrier function of public service, new product research and development for the enterprise to provide services and support, many times for jiangsu hong dafoe petroleum equipment co., LTD. Production of 95/8-5 k and secondary metal seal type 101/2 casing head: normal temperature high pressure air test, high temperature (121 ℃), (- 29 ℃) at low temperature, high pressure air test.Hon dafoe company involved in the test engineer jian-hua qi said: "thanks for national petroleum machinery quality inspection center, the use of advanced detection equipment, for our company new product research and development of free trials, and to provide accurate measurement data, to improve the reliability of our company new product and technology helped us a lot."