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Petrochemical machinery drill string in the northwest market into success

2016/11/1 18:57:01      Click:

China petrochemical news network news (hai-tao sun Liu tao Hai-feng cao), sinopec petroleum machinery co., LTD. Rely on the advantage products and effective services, oil well drill string in the northwest market into success.
A well in northern xinjiang, 17-1/2 inch mixed bit footage of 370 meters, pure drill time 168.3 hours, rate of penetration of 2.2 m/hour, compared with the conventional PDC bit with sections, penetration significantly increased.
A well in tahe, 9-7/8 of an inch PDC bit single bit penetration of 3860 meters, the rate of penetration of 44.11 meters per hour, power users drilling construction period is designed in advance 36%, refresh with block machine speed and the highest record for the shortest construction period, etc, for chongqing drilling projects in xinjiang, and a number of units in the west, the XiBeiJu high praise.
Thanks to advantages of the successful drilling bit, drill bit itself, also benefit from the enterprise effective services.Before and during the drilling construction, petrochemical machinery products of attaches great importance to the northwest bit market follow-up services, and for the northwest regional closely integrated with the drilling crew on-site technical services, timely analysis of stratigraphic lithology and drilling construction plan, etc., constantly optimize the construction parameters, the corresponding program of fast drilling technology, and has obtained the good application effect, this integration services for enterprises in the northwest district promote further lay the good foundation.