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Jiangsu jianhu accelerating construction of national petroleum machinery quality inspection center

2016/11/1 18:51:28      Click:

On the afternoon of June 19,, the kingdom of the Netherlands two mechanical equipment engineer for the national petroleum machinery products quality inspection center measuring measure 3.5 million yuan worth of thread gauge verification equipment for precise installation, accurate test.This marks a national petroleum machinery products quality inspection center construction has entered a critical stage.

Since this year, jiangsu jianhu market supervision and administration of earnest implementation of the county. Six session spirit, solid "project carrier construction accelerated year" activities, the national petroleum machinery products quality inspection center construction as an important task, in accordance with the "one not to catch on, will rob progress" requirement, accelerating the construction of national center.

In the process of promoting the construction of national petroleum machinery quality inspection center, the county market regulator set global force, transfer the global think tank, engaged in equipment installation, commissioning, has invited the Chinese oil group, jianghan machinery research institute, shengli oilfield drilling engineering technology research institute chances to win oil equipment co., LTD., hefei general machinery research institute institute of valves, yancheng city product quality supervision, inspection and other relevant experts, the center staff to carry out precision equipment operation and maintenance training and forensics work, focusing on carbon sulfur instrument, microscope and spectrometer, universal testing machine and other equipment to carry out the "one to one", "hand-on" site operation training, seven people obtain 10 professional certificate.At present, has been completed well well control experiment, power tongs, mechanical property test, pressure test valve, valve burning test, low-temperature valve test equipment installation and debugging, etc.The bureau also actively cooperate with the China university of petroleum, hire experts and authoritative discipline leaders, fully give play to the role of talent introduction, actively carry out the three-pronged evaluation work, to ensure the national quality inspection center opening up to the end of June.

National petroleum machinery quality inspection center with seven professional checkout room, such as wellhead checkout room, detection of 57 kinds of products, 566 inspection items.Center will be after the completion of the drilling rig, oil production equipment, the cementing and oilfield equipment, workover equipment, oil machinery general parts and other professional valve and oil products inspection ability, advanced equipment manufacturing industry development to provide technical support for oil.